University of Iowa Research Providing A Few Sleep Tips For Parents

 Lot of you may be struggling with getting your kids back on a school-time sleep schedule.  But, a University of Iowa Professor says they need more shut-eye than their parents.

 Professor Deborah Lin-Dyken says younger kids need up to 10-to-11 hours of sleep a night. She says reading younger kids a bed-time story at the same time every night is a real "win-win".  It promotes literacy, gets them ready to sleep and is a good "bonding" opportunity.  But, she says she "cringes" whenever she hears parents say they watch T-V together with their kids before bed...even if it's "only Nickleodeon or Disney".

...Lin-Dyken also says parents need to "model" good sleep habits for their kids.  She warns you never really "catch up" on sleep you miss.

...Other better sleep suggestions: create a bedroom environment conducive to good sleep.  The fewer electronics the better.  Use heavy curtains to block out any extra light and keep the temperature cooler.  She says it's not just quantity of sleep, but, quality as well.  And, Professor Lin-Dyken says it turns out sleep apnea is more common in kids than previously thought.


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